What is a Collaborative Divorce?

“Compassionate, clear, and comprehensive, The Collaborative Way to Divorce” is the first trade book to introduce a dignified, highly strategic solution to divorce — the collaborative process, a nationally acclaimed approach that is fast transforming how couples dissolve their marriages, divide their assets, and reinvent their post-divorce relationships, particularly when they share custody of their children.

Centered around the understanding that the couple will hire their own individual collaborative attorneys—but all are committed, in writing, to settling their differences out of court– collaborative divorces stress cooperation over confrontation and resolution over revenge. Most importantly, it keeps children out of the controversy, while protecting their best interests.”



Understanding Divorce Mediation

Clients considering divorce mediation are often confused about what mediation entails, how the process will work, and how a mutually beneficial resolution will be reached. If you find yourself in that position, take a look at the The Divorce Mediation Handbook. It offers a detailed discussion of the issues a divorcing couple must address, and a clear and detailed explanation of the mediation process.