Collaborative Divorce Coaching

As a divorce coach I will be a  member of the  Collaborative Law team that works to assist you through your  divorce by resolving your issues. The Specially-trained collaborative law professionals may also include attorneys, child specialists,  and financial planners.

Even if you aren’t having a Collaborative Divorce, as a divorce coach, I work to support, guide, and help you manage the pain and strain of of your changing relationship. I work to keep the process moving and focused on open communication and problem solving strategies.

Divorce Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling.  It is instead the use of facilitation techniques that help separating couples focus on a mutually crafted set of expectations about how to manage their newly separate lives. In the case of co-parents, each parent is empowered and challenged to work together in a non-adversarial way to develop creative and effective solutions that effect their changing family. The aim is for each party to maintain focus and control over the decisions that will impact their futures.

It is not uncommon for co-parenting problems to arise post decree. As a divorce coach, I can assist you and your co-parent get back on track with more effective communication and problem solving strategies.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

  • Keeps control of the process and time line with the individuals
  • Promotes open and effective communication through the process and in the future
  • Uses a problem solving technique
  • Identifies and addresses interests and concerns of all
  • Emphasizes needs of children
  • Creates agreements more likely to be adheared to by both spouses
  • Supports mutual respect
  • Reduces animosity
  • Prevents court battle
  • Prepares individuals for new life
  • Is usually less costly than litigation

More information about collaborative law can be found at the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, including descriptions of the coach.

1 thought on “Collaborative Divorce Coaching”

  1. Melissa, My name is Ginger Ridings and I am an LCSW. I would like to talk with you about a possible referral. You were referred to me by Caralyn Graham. I can be reached at 847-309-9999 and I would appreciate a call at your earliest convenience. I can be reached any time including the week-end. Best.

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